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Dear Vi20 partners and wine lovers,

The first release of 12 bottles Olive oil has taken place on the 27th of February during the first official annual meeting of 'El Vi dels 20'. The next official meeting is planned after summer when the first vintage wine will be ready for bottling. We will keep you updated for that moment!

Of course 'El Vi dels 20' is more than an exclusive production of wine and olive oil.
Founder and property owner of the Vi20 vineyards and olive trees 
Albert Juanpere shows the finca to the members and is always ready to give you the 'Vi20 terroir tour'!
Your administrator 
Stefan Lismond moderated the first meeting and is coordinating the 'Vi20' activities.
The outstanding presentation that Vi20 member 
Albert Cunillera gave at the first meeting shows the enormous potential 30 unique people have to share, experience, enjoy and learn from each other.
Our first honorary member oenologue 
Gemma Puxeu gave an introduction to the Priorat and it's uniqueness, and is regularly posting about Vi20 philosophy and meaning.
Another Vi20 member, 
Josep Maria Rovira, has been so kind to put his creativity in the label design. The magnificent result was unanimously accepted. Good work! 
René Barbier Jr. introduced the still in barrel aging Vi20 wine to all the present members who could taste the heavenly wine in their personal Vi20 wine glass with their own name inscription.
And thanks a lot Rene and Sara for the bodega visit at 'Venus la Universal':

DSC00280 DSC00283

The other unique honorific member, dutch importer of quality wines, 
Robert Benier has in the mean time coordinated the transport and first delivery of golden Vi20 olive oil to the members in Holland.

All this and much more is published on the Vi20-blog: 

For those who like to be updated all the time and share with other VI20 members go to: FACEBOOK Vi20 
Vi20 is alive and kicking on the internet with already 217 members !
An informal meeting by some members was organized through Facebook in March at the Mas of Gemma, and probably many are to follow.
There are already voices for a next meeting in May. Please come up with ideas or proposals and we will try to realize them !
Certain members also expressed their willingness to travel to Holland and strengthen brotherhood with our Dutch members, may be something for the summer holiday?

The dutch members definitely are coming to visit the Vi20 finca at the end of June. This calls of course for another meeting and activity. We are working on it! This will be a nice opportunity to mingle.

kindest regards,

Stefan Lismond
'El Vi dels Vint'